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Anti-ageing, ageless beautiful skin forever

Beautiful skin
Beautiful skin

As much as we love to have our beautiful younger skin from our childhood forever, ageing take its toll on our skin unfortunately. Nevertheless, beautiful and younger looking skin is still achievable even as we age. You can still have a skin that makes you looks as young as you feel just by making a good lifestyle choice and some effort to look after your skin with a good skincare routine.

Before we proceed, we need to understand what skin ageing is and some factors that can contribute to premature skin ageing, then we can discuss skin anti-ageing in more details.

What is skin ageing?  Wong & Chew, 2021 defined skin ageing simply as changes to the skin due to ageing. Our skin appearance tends to change naturally as we grow older some of which include noticeable fine lines, wrinkles, age spot, thinning skin etc. Studies have shown that some notable factors like pollution, nutrition, sun exposure, gender and general lifestyle can contribute to premature skin ageing.


Skin anti-ageing can be seen as a process of slowing down or reverting the appearance of the effects of ageing on our skin. Studies have shown several strategies of achieving skin anti-aging including daily skincare routine (all steps of daily skincare routine), systemic agent (including hormone adjustment),

invasive procedure (radiofrequency, intense pulsed light etc), preventive medicine, lifestyle changes (exercise, quitting smoking, nutrition, and diet adjustment,) etc. Of all the strategies listed above, many studies have suggested that starting good daily skincare routine with natural skincare products early in life as well healthy lifestyle can slow down and combat the appearance of skin ageing.

This now bring us to the question When should one start using anti-aging skincare products? 

20s - Studies suggest that good daily skincare routine should start as early as from our 20s. This is because as sex hormone grows, the body oil production increases which can cause some undesirable effects on our skin like clogged pores, acne, spots and blemishes. The skin can start losing its collagen integrity which can have effect on the skin firmness. Cleansing the skin with a very mild cleanser two times a day as well as moisturising and keeping the skin hydrated should the top priority as this age.

30s- At this age, the skin cell renewal is affected and the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin can decrease naturally mostly in the outer layer of the skin which can result to noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. This means that this is time to start incorporating skincare products that can target early and premature signs of skin ageing. All steps of skincare routine should be followed as well using spf.

40s- Our 40s is when to start getting serious about anti-ageing skincare routine as our skin cells hardly recover well from damages caused by external factors including UV rays and environmental pollution which can result to permanent skin wrinkles. Collagen boasting is required at this age as the body’s natural production of elastin and collagen falls two times compared to our 20s.

50s and above- During this decades, lines and wrinkle becomes deeper and more noticeable. The skin becomes thinner and dryer as well as  volume lost. The skin requires significant amount of extra care and boosting at this age. Using skincare products that can hydrates the skin and keep moisture looked in, as well as products rich in antioxidants can help target a number of signs of skin ageing.

Beautiful skin
Beautiful skin

As we can see, forever ageless beautiful and radiant skin is still possible no matter what age you are as long as you put extra effort to look after your skin, starting early enough and make right healthy life choices.

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